Jr. Thespian Society

Jr. Thespian society is a sub group of the International Thespian Society.

Our current members are Gianna Fuchs: President, Kimber Braren: Historian: Paisley Garmon,  and Radek Hensley: Vice President. Our next induction will be December 5th 2019.




Lily Jackson (alumni) and Kimber Braren receive their thespian letters after the closing of ALICE in Spring 2019. 


Mary Paige Bentley, Seth Wright (alumni). Caitlin Hulsey, Jaden Love (alimni), Ausin Wisham (alumni), Mackenzie Edwards (alumni), and Anna Prince (alumni) perform in Shuttersome: Tales of Poe in Fall of 2018. 



Mackenzie Edwards (alumni), Seth Wright (alumni), Lily Jackson (alumni), Ethan McElwee (alumni), Kimber Braren, Austin Wisham (alumni), Anna Prince (alumni), Abbey Howard (alumni),  Briana Davies, Kirsten Johnson, and Mary Paige Bentley pose after closing Alice in spring of 2019.