9th Grade Literature

9th Grade Literature~~Ms. Willis - Room 408

We were descended from royalty. ~~Natalie Woods

Week 3 (3/30-4/3/2020) Purple~~Spring Break (4/6-10/2020)~~Week 4 (4/13-17/2020) if needed

It is that time of year that we start to review and practice the different types of writing. Now you think that one paper in a week is not a lot to do. If you do it correctly and use the process, it takes a week. RIGOR is how far you push yourself. 

Follow these steps: 

Monday—Pre-write, brainstorm, make a list, 

Tuesday—Write/Just write. Put your thoughts into sentences. 

Wednesday—Revise and Edit into what seems logical. (Revising is messy.)

Thursday—Revise and Edit again; check sentence structure; vocabulary-using our best words

Friday - As you write or type this, you will still revise and edit. Final Draft (for publication); handwritten or post on Google Classrooms

Week 3 (3/30-4/3/2020) Narrative: 

  • How long does this have to be? Long enough for you to tell your story. 
  • You need a beginning, a middle, and an end to a narrative. 
  • Can I write about “this? My answer is usually yes. 
  • Can I use “I”? Yes. Why not. It’s a narrative. 
  • Dialogue or “thinking out loud” adds interest to a narrative
  • Write a story that people in your age group would want to read. 

Topics: Adjust it to meet your creative needs. 

  • Your choice - Yes, this is whatever you want to write about. 
  • A story that includes “journal entries” from Distance Learning. (Funny is good.)
  • As Mr. Rogers’ mom told him to look for the helpers, look for the good in people. Write about the good you see or the good you are doing now. 
  • The Apocalypse is one of your faves. You are (or so you think) the only survivor post-Apocalypse. 
  • The Perfect World post COVID19. What happens when life is normal again? 


Week 4 (4/13-17/2020) Just in case! Argument Writing 

  • Pick a side. There is no fence-sitting. 
  • The other side is your counter-argument. Basically why it is not your choice. 
  • Limit use of I or do not use at all. If you have a sentence that begins with I, how can you rewrite it and not use I. It is possible. Try it. 
  • Vocabulary use - use your good words. 
  • Sentence Structure. Make sure it is a sentence..not a fragment. 
  • If you can support your ideas/points with real data, that is better. 

Topics - Adjust to YOUR ideas. 

  1. Your choice - what ever you can argue for and against. 
  2. Cell Phones in school or not. The good and the bad. Your choice is not wrong. 
  3. Dress Code. Use the CMS policy as your counter argument? Is it fair? Is it worth an argument for you? 
  4. Is 18 a valid age to determine adulthood? The differences in 18 and 21. 


8th grade 10-Day Work Packets are available at the school on Monday or one of the food locations. I prefer that you work in Study Island on Language Part 5. It is more rigorous (9th grade level). You need to keep your Big Brain in working order. 

Study Island Login: lunch#@c (example 12345@c) Password: student

If you do not have access to Study Island, it is absolutely ok to complete the packet. 

I will be available during school hours if you need help or have a question.