Milestones Testing

Why do you take the 8th grade ELA Milestones EOG? 

As previously mentioned, Georgia law (§20-2-281) mandates that the state board of education adopt annual measures of student achievement in the content areas of english language arts (ela), mathematics, science, and social studies in grades 3 through 8.  Students must participate in the Georgia Milestones content areas measured at the end of each grade in which they are enrolled. State law further mandates that student achievement in reading, as measured as a component of
the Georgia Milestones english language arts (ela) EOG assessment, be utilized in promotion and retention decisions for students in grades 3, 5, and 8, while student achievement in mathematics, as measured by the Georgia Milestones Mathematics eoG assessment, be considered in grades 5 and 8. Students who fail to demonstrate grade-level achievement on these measures must receive remediation and be offered an opportunity for a retest prior to consideration for promotion to grades 4, 6, and 9 (§20-2-283 and state board of education rule 160-4-2-11). 

Source: Milestones Assessment Guide

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