Testing Calendar 2020

As of March 16, 2020, we do not know the fate of Milestones testing because of Governor Kemp's recommendation to close schools for two weeks. The following is the calendar as we know it : Governor Kemp and State Superintendent Woods has suspended all state testing for 2020. 

Week of 4/20 Week of 4/27 Week of 5/4
Monday 4/20 ELA Monday 4/27 Science Monday 5/4 
Tuesday 4/21 ELA Tuesday 4/28 Social Studies Tuesday 5/5 9th Grade Algebra EOC
Wednesday 4/22 Math Wednesday 4/29 Makeups Wednesday 5/6 9th Grade Lit EOC
Thursday 4/22 Math Thursday 4/30 Makeups Thursday 5/7 9th Grade Lit EOC
Friday 4/23 Makeups Friday 5/1  Friday 5/8 9th Grade Physical Science EOC