Weekly Focus

Week 15-19 (11/13/17-12/22/17) -- To Kill a Mockingbird - Students have a planner for daily assignments. Students will write, respond to questions, and take chapter quizzes. They will have homework to complete what they do not finish in class. Test: 12/12 Chapters 1-11; Project test: 12/21-22.

Week 14 (11/6-10/17)- Short Stories continue. Students are building stamina for reading 1-2 page short stories and responding to questions or a related writing prompt. TEST on 11/9 students will read two short stories and answer related questions

Week 10-13 (10/16-11/3) Students will read short stories and analyze for style, figurative language, literary techniques. Students will complete related writing assignments with a focus on coherent writing with text evidence support.