Rubrics for ESOL lessons

Finish Line for ELLS Listening Lessons consist of a direct instruction lesson targeting either conversational language, academic language arts, academic math, academic social studies,  or academic science.  Each lesson has a Folder A, B, C or D as part of it.  There are four listening questions that accompany each listening lesson.

Rubric:   4 answers correct out of 4 on listening lesson.  100% daily grade.

               3 answers correct out of 4 on listening lesson    75% daily grade.

               2 answers correct ouf of 4 on listening lesson.    50% on daily grade

               1 answer correct out of 4 on listening lesson.      25% on daily grade.

               0 out of 4 correct on listening lesson.                   0% on daily grade.     Student is then given remediation and given a chance to redo the lesson.