September MERIT Award Winner

Joseph Chubb

The Polk School District Board of Education recently honored Mr. Joseph Chubb as the September MERIT Award winner for the district. Mr. Chubb works as the custodian at Cherokee Elementary School where he is loved and appreciated by everyone! Thank you for all you do for your Cherokee Elementary and Polk School District family! 

Here are just a few of the kind comments made by his co-workers: 

He always has a smile on his face and works hard ever day.
Mr. Chubb came in when no one wanted too. He went straight into his position with flying colors. CES saw immediate results He takes pride in his work and makes the children feel loved. Mr. Chubb always has a smile and a positive attitude. CES is blessed to have a janitor that is more than just janitor!
He is a hard worker and is always willing to help when needed. He is a great asset to Cherokee.

Mr. Chubb is the friendliest man. He goes above and beyond the expectations of his job. He works so hard, and does everything with a smile. He is so kind to all staff, as well as the students. I am so thankful he is a part of our Cherokee family!

Mr. Chubb is awesome! He's dedicated to his job and is one of the hardest working people at Cherokee Elementary. We value him as a co-worker because of his willingness to help anyone in need, whether it be a teacher, administrator or student. His pleasant disposition and sweet smile make him a favored friend at Cherokee Elementary.
Mr. Chubb goes over and beyond to keep our school clean and help in any way.
Mr. Chubb is an incredible asset to CES. He is dedicated, hardworking, polite, and is always present whenever a need arises.

Mr Chubb is a phenomenal asset to our school. His cheerful personality and impressive work ethic are inspiring to everyone who sees him. He interacts with our students in such a positive manner! Our school looks and smells amazing and it is all due to his hard work!!!

Mr. Chubb is the most pleasant caring and helpful person we have ever had. He goes above and beyond to make our lives better. He is here every day and never forgets to thank us, when we help him. He is the absolute best.

Mr. Chubb has been a great addition to Cherokee Elementary. He has been a great help to teachers from helping moving classrooms to making sure things are kept tidy around the school and much more. The students seem to enjoy talking with him and he always speaks to everyone with a big smile:) He is definitely a team player!

Mr. Chubb is one hard working individual. He is always happy while working, great with the kiddos, and goes above and beyond what is asked of him. He is a joy to be around, and it is evident that he finds that same joy in his work and Cherokee.

Mr. Chubb should receive the MERIT award because he spends each and every day lifting others up. He has a positive attitude that is contagious as you pass him in the hallways. He takes time out of his day to talk to the children and really build a relationship with them. They all know and love him just like we do. We are so lucky to have Mr. Chubb as a beloved member of the Cherokee family! 

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