HR - Annual Updates

Required Compliance Training


All Polk School District employees must complete the following annual updates each year. Please review each topic and discuss with your Principal/Director if you have any questions.

To complete the required review, each employee should:

  • Open each link below and carefully review the material related to the critical issues listed.  ALL areas must be read and reviewed. Documents on the list will open in a new "window."  

  • Contact your Principal/Director if there are questions regarding the responsibilities or expectations associated with any of the annual updates.

  • Sign-off as directed by your Principal/Director when the required reviews are completed and all expectations and requirements are understood. The employee's signature serves to confirm that he or she has read and understands all expectations and requirements.

Employee Handbook:  2019-2020 Employee Handbook
Family Medical Leave:  
Employee Rights and Responsibilities
Drug Free Workplace:  Drug-Free Workplace - Board Policy GAMA
Other:  Social Media Guidelines
             Waste, Fraud & Abuse
 - Guidelines
            Religion in Schools - Pretest
             Religion in Schools 
- Guidelines

Polk School District also utilizes training modules available on the Compliance Director website to provide state-mandated training for school system employees and volunteers. This training is provided to all new employees and is required annually at the beginning of the school year.

The following training modules are required based on your employment classification:



All Certified Employees & Paraprofessionals

All Classified Employees   & Substitutes

Volunteers & Community Coaches

  1. Bloodborne Pathogens

  2. Child Sexual Abuse and Assault Awareness

  3. Code of Ethics 

  4. Constitutionally Protected Prayer

  5. Copyright for Schools

  6. Ethical Use of Social Media

  7. FERPA/Data Privacy

  8. Human Sex Trafficking

  9. Mandated Reporting

  10. McKinney-Vento

  11. Sexual Harassment

  12. Sexual Misconduct and Reporting

  13. Suicide Awareness and Prevention

  1. Bloodborne Pathogens

  2. Child Sexual Abuse and Assault Awareness

  3. Code of Ethics 

  4. Constitutionally Protected Prayer

  5. Ethical Use of Social Media

  6. FERPA/Data Privacy

  7. Human Sex Trafficking

  8. Mandated Reporting

  9. McKinney-Vento

  10. Sexual Harassment

  11. Sexual Misconduct Reporting

  12. Suicide Awareness and Prevention

  1. Bloodborne Pathogens

  2. Child Sexual Abuse and Assault Awareness

  3. Constitutionally Protected Prayer

  4. Mandated Reporting

  5. Sexual Misconduct Reporting

  6. Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Instructions for Login

  1. Visit the Compliance Director website at

  2. Click on “Georgia” on the left side menu

  3. Click on the module you have been requested to take.

  4. Enter the username and password that is assigned to all employees below:

  5. Username: Polk County Password: Training

  6. Complete the training and assessment requested. (Modules are usually about 20 minutes long.)

When you have successfully completed a module, it will ask you to select your system’s name and then login again. This last username and password will allow you to successfully register, thus creating a legal record that you have taken the training. You will also have the option to enter your email address to receive a confirmation email.  


  1. I noticed I'm asked to enter the username and password twice. Can I just skip the second entry?
    No. Each module requires the username and password to be entered two times, once to access the module, and later (toward the end of the module) to allow you to enter completion information.

  2. I entered my name incorrectly. Can I go back and change it?  
    NO, the system will not allow you to change data that has been submitted. Double check the completion data you enter prior to submitting.

Additional Resources

Code of Ethics

Once you have reviewed all of the information above, you will need to sign-off with your Principal/Director to confirm that you have read and understand all of the annual updates. Remember, if you have questions, please discuss with your Principal/Director.