HR - Mandated Reporter

In compliance with HB 1176, ALL school personnel and volunteers are required to report suspected acts of child abuse to the person in charge of the facility. This report cannot be modified by any person(s) and will be reported immediately, or within 24 hours, by the person in charge of the facility to the appropriate agency.

Georgia law § 19-7-5 mandates reports of suspected child abuse by school employee and volunteers. The purpose of this Code section is to provide for the protection of children. It is intended that mandatory reporting will cause the protective services of the state to be brought to bear on the situation in an effort to prevent abuses, to protect and enhance the welfare of children, and to preserve family life wherever possible. This Code section shall be liberally construed so as to carry out the purposes thereof.

All District employees and volunteers are mandatory reporters under the law.

Department of Children and Family Services

Georgia Department of Education

For questions relating to Mandatory Reporting, please contact:

Greg Teems, Assistant Superintendent -
David Robinson, Director of Human Resources