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TRS Annual Membership Statements Now Available Online

Active members may now access their membership statements online via their TRS account. The statements provide valuable account information, such as an account balance, the lump-sum value of an account, as well as beneficiary and service credit information.

As an added service, TRS provides its members with estimated benefit projections that provide a glimpse into the future. When calculating these projections, TRS has to create assumptions about the future. Depending on the economy, sometimes these assumptions will lead to a higher projection and sometimes a lower projection. So, a member may notice that his or her projections have decreased a little over the past few years because he or she hasn’t received salary increases, or the salary increases were lower than the assumptions used in previous estimates. Because of these fluctuations, if you are close to retirement, contact TRS and request a benefit estimate. This allows TRS to provide an estimate that more accurately reflects that individual’s situation.

The information and projections provided in these statements are only estimates and are subject to audit and adjustment. The information contained in this membership statement should not be regarded as a final benefit estimate. If a member notices a discrepancy in the information provided, he or she should contact TRS. Also, if a member is considering retiring soon, please contact TRS for a more detailed benefit estimate.

Viewing/Downloading a Statement:

1. Go to
2. Hover over the Account Login link on the navigation bar above.
3. Click Active Member in the drop down menu.
4. Either login to your existing account OR sign up for an account.
5. Click the Download My Annual Member Statement link on the right.
6. Click the PDF link.

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