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We are pleased to present the State Health Benefit Plan Video Guide website link,  This presentation can be used to help you understand the State Health Benefit Plan provisions. 

Please remember, this informational video is designed to give a high level overview of the Plan and is not intended to serve as the official Plan Document. Should you need further information, please contact State Health or refer to your State Health Benefit Plan Decision Guide for more detailed specifics of the Plans.

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Benefit Contact Info

NFP (ShawHankins) Call Center:

(770) 382-0951
(800) 994-7429
Hours of Operation: 8:30 - 5:00 EST, M-F

State Health Benefit Plan
Active employee members and retirees/former employees continuing coverage should call the number on the back of your member identification card issued by your health plan.  Lost your ID card?  Go online to your health plan vendor’s website.