LeAnne Shelton


LeAnne Shelton, Pre-K Director
612 South College Street
Cedartown, GA 30125
770-748-5131 Fax


Polk School District uses the lottery system to choose who will be able to attend Polk School District Pre K.

Polk School District Pre K Guidelines and Lottery Information

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Polk School District has 15 classes of lottery funded "Bright from the start" Pre-Kindergarten classes. Each elementary school has at least one Pre-K class. Children must be four years old before September 1 to be eligible for the program. Please contact the elementary schools for more information and space availability. The Pre-K classes follow the same school calendar as our K-12 students.



Cherokee Elementary 770-748-5614
Eastside Elementary 770-684-5335
Northside Elementary 770-748-4932
Van Wert Elementary 770-684-6924
Westside Elementary 770-748-0831
Youngs Grove Elementary 678-901-4294