Student Services

Welcome to Polk School District Student Services!





Greg Teems,

Assistant Superintendent

Amy Brown,

Administrative Assistant



As the Assistant Superintendent of Operations, in charge of Student Services, I am pleased to welcome you to the Student Services web page. Polk School District is dedicated to providing a safe and orderly learning environment that enhances the educational experiences of our students.


Student Discipline Title IX Equity in Sports
School Safety FERPA
Student Attendance School Nurses
Harassment Bullying
Student Dress Code Student Records
Bullying Incident Report Form Child Labor Work Restrictions


Polk School District is proud to partner with Floyd's Polk Medical Center for all of our students medical needs. For more information on how Polk Medical Center is caring for all students in Polk County, click here.

For any general questions regarding the student attendance policy, student activities, student dress code or discipline please feel free to contact me at the email listed below:

If you need a registration packet, it is available on the Polk School District Home Page under "Parent Resources". This printable PDF file can be filled out on line and printed for student registration.