CMS Car Rider & Bus Information


Arrival/Drop Off:

-- Car riders begin 7:30a - students will go to the gym until 7:45a - “X” will be in the gym for students to sit within socially distanced spaces - teachers must be on time to school (7:45a) 

-- Bus Drop Off will begin at 8:00a 

-- Homeroom begins at 8:20a (Tardy at 8:25a)

Student temperatures will be checked daily - if temperature is 100.4 degrees or higher, students will be sent home

Car rider tags will be given out to 7th and 8th grade students on the first day of school.  If parents need more than one tag, they will need to get those from CMS Front Office (see Casey Womack, PIC)

The earliest that students can be dropped off in the car rider line is 7:30a

If the student needs to find out what time a bus runs by their home, they need to call the bus barn, 770-684-8308



- Car rider dismissal will begin at 3:15 (students will be sent to the cafeteria - to sit socially distanced by "X" on stools - students will be called via walkie-talkie by Mr. Astin as their parent approaches the round-about  

- All bus riders will remain in their 7th period class until their buses are called (beginning at 3:20p)

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